• Dan Perichino

How to Create a Video Ad That Converts (When You're Not Actually Sure What Converts)

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

All you really need are these 3 things:

  1. An unwavering belief in your product or service

  2. Confidence to speak from the heart about your product or service

  3. A relatable story

Last week we spent the day shooting content with Seth Kauffman of Rebellion Yoga, for his upcoming online yoga course called “Rebellion Vitality” in Winter Park, Florida.

Seth previously appeared on A&E’s television series Fit to Fat to Fit, where he gained 50 pounds (on purpose) and lost it all again (within 4 months) so he could understand the emotional and physical toll it takes on someone trying desperately to lose weight. Now, he coaches and leads yoga retreats all over the world, where he teaches yoga, meditation and how to use your mind to find balance and happiness in life.

With over 15 years of experience, Seth wanted to reach further out to educate as many people as possible through Rebellion Yoga, so he created an online course to teach people (of any skill level) how to become, what he calls, the 30-Day Yogi.

Seth had the product and vision in place, but needed help translating that into a video ad that could run on Facebook and Instagram.

He didn’t want to come off as too "salesy". 

He didn’t want to be another “guru” trying to sell a fly-by-night product that we always see on our Facebook feeds.

Seth truly believed in his program - because he actually lives it, but what he didn’t know was how to transfer that belief into a potential customer with a three-second attention span. With no prepared scripts, there’s only one thing you can do.

Jump in front of a camera, and just talk.

 And talk.

 Then, after that, talk some more. 

Of course, Seth poured his heart out about the program, but instead of going on and on about its features and benefits, he told a story. He, too, was once intimidated by yoga, just like so many others today who think that they have to be flexible, young or in perfect shape to practice yoga.

He didn’t talk about premium memberships or promo codes but instead spoke about how he wanted to share with the world the transformative feelings that he experienced when he first found purpose through yoga.

Afterward, we just filled in the remaining blanks.

We listened, I mean really listened to what Seth was saying and trying to communicate the most about his program. From there it was simple. We filmed several quick hooks to grab the viewer's attention (a Yogi in 30 days!?), calls-to-action (click the link below) and any missing pieces we thought would fit in the soon-to-be-edited ads.

We took the 30-minute-long clip of Seth speaking and chopped it down into several 1-2 minute ads.

After wrapping up the shoot, Seth took us to lunch at a local vegan eatery and we talked about how much fun we had throughout the day. 

There’s nothing like creating content you actually believe in.

Check out the finished ad here.

Now, if you need help creating engaging video ads, we'd love to help you. Schedule a call today. We'll increase your bottom line, your brand reputation and the smile on your customers' faces.